Amateur Seminars

For all Amateur Seminars, fellow photographer Steve Hiebert of Personal Expressions Photography will also be instructing you. Together we will share our knowledge and ability. So in a way we'll be in charge of your learning curve....doing our best to make it as smooth and level as possible for you!

You can see Steve's work and find out about him at his business website:

The following are all 4 Hour Seminars:

Different photographic ability levels - from being a total newbie to right up to the aspiring professional are accommodated for in these Amatuer level courses. If you have any doubt to where you fit in, it's suggested you start at the lower level course of the two you may be considering as each course is designed to bulld on the knowledge of the previous one in succession.

The Basics and beyond.....

Ok, so you've been bitten by the photography bug and you've been practising. You've maybe taken a beginner course before and just don't get it, maybe you have even invested in a DSLR or plan to do so in the future. ...either way you just can't seem to get the results you want. You're now hungry for some serious knowledge. Key principles of photography such as the basics of shutter speeds and apertures - their benefits and disadvantages, learning when you are about to go beyond your camera's auto capabilities and learning what you'll need to do to get the picture you envisioned in your head, start to teach yourself how to see, compositional secrets to making much more pleasing images, etc. This course not only cover the basics that you need to know it will also starts to give you a true feeling of what can be accomplished when have a commanding knowledge of photography. As always, we encourage you to write in questions in advance of the seminar so we can do our best to shape the program into the direction that those in attendance of any particular session will find most useful.

Cost $99


This time the topic is ON and OFF camera flash (including multiple flashes) will be delved into head first! Nikon's CLS (Creative Lighting system) will be explained, explored and manipulated (don't worry Canon users, you have a system like it in your cameras as well). The use of light modifiers, reflectors, snoots etc. will be explained, explored and demonstrated. Of course natural light is not forgotten and you'll learn techniques to manipulate it to your best advantage.

Cost $99

What about this computer type stuff?

Computer geeks get ready, 'cause you'll be in your glory! This seminar is all about the computer. The proper workflow of digital capture is explained and explored. From clicking the shutter to opening your prints you just got back from the lab we'll teach you what you need to know on how to tame the biggest beast of digital photography....COLOUR MANAGEMENT! From colour spaces, to monitor calibration... Raw vs Jpeg and the advantages and disadvantages of both, to exploring how to start to manage and manipulate your files in Lightroom and finally Photoshop. Remember Photoshop can easily take up an entire year of daily courses itself, but we'll get you started on the proper system you need to do things right.

Cost $129

This photography thing is easy!

NOW you are ready for some SERIOUS learning! Well, sit up, fasten your seat belts, 'cause now we're kicking things in high gear! Composition takes the front row centre seat as you'll learn a system I call SLDP (Shapes, Lines Dimension & Patterns) something I've been developing for over 20 years and have taught across the country to professional photographers as well as college students. Think you know composition...not like this you don't! We're going to delve into the human mind and genetics to learn how to manipulate the viewers attention. Sharpen your're gonna need it!

Cost $149

I'm a stud with studio stuff!

Now you are looking to up your game and start working with studio lighting equipment. Alright, get ready to take some notes. From exploring different qualities of light, understanding specularity and shadow edge transfer we're going to get you going on the 5 W's of studio lighting equipment as well as things like light modifiers, the concept of zone lighting as well as the Chromazone system itself (no, not the ZONE system you should already know THAT by now..... I'm talkin' the Chromazone System. Don't know it- well it's time you learned!).

Cost $149

It's about the Body BABY!

You want to to photograph people? Well you're gonna have to learn how the human body works and how to show it off in it's best form possible. A MUST for any people photographer! This course assumes you are already of advanced amateur or semi-professional ability.

Cost $149

Putting it all together!

Location seminar where images will be created - whatever the weather, whatever the situation, ...we've got to come up with something saleable. Working in poor lighting conditions, creating WOW out of BLAH locations. Watch us sweat as we put ourselves in unfavourable situations and find a way to conquer whatever challenges come our way to come away with something the client will love! Hey, sink or swim....if you want to be a pro you've got to learn how to perform magic sometimes! See how we approach each challenge, find out the reasoning behind the way we tackle each situation the way we do!

Cost $179

Fine tuning & enhancing your images on the computer

So you say you want to be a professional photographer one day eh? Professionals DON'T sell sloppy work! You're going to learn secrets used every day to enhance images and make them sing to their full potential! This course assumes you fully understand proper colour management and are working on a calibrated monitor. This seminar is all post production baby! Learn how to take a good photograph to a WOW photograph! Images are requested from the attendees in advance to be worked on during the seminar.

Cost $179

Business, business, and all business!

Understand how to set up and start a photography business. More importantly, this seminar will demonstrate that 95+% of all new photography businesses are doomed to fail. Mathematically they are not allowing themselves even a CHANCE to EVER be profitable. If you are going to treat your business like a hobby - don't take this course. I you are serious about setting yourself up and starting out the proper way...take this course. It might scare you to death...but it's better to know what you were going to do is totally wrong, than to find out what you've been doing for years has been the worst thing you could ever do for your business.

Cost $249

Private Classes: One - on - One Tutoring

Let's face it - some people just learn better in a one - on - one environment. Therefore you can book with Steve or myself (or both of us if you prefer) for private classes for just will have our undivided attention. Both Steve and myself charge the following rate for this personalized service:

For either one of us: $200/hour (minimum 2 hour appointment)

For both of us: $350/hour (minimum 3 hour appointment)

All prices are subject to applicable taxes.